We are a Swedish speaking Finnish couple who love sailing! We’ve formed our company, Love4C Ltd, for you to be able to join us and enjoy the pleasures of carefree sailing in the company of professionals.

The yacht chartering business takes us to different parts of the world as we go where you, our customers, want us to be. We offer you unforgettable days on our 45 foot performance cruiser, where you will be cared for by M&M – skipper Markus and hostess Marit 😀

One of our main events will be the ARC January 2023. Having won the last ARC (Nov-Dec 2021), our aim is to do equally well in January 2023.
We also have events in 2022 – Caribbean cruising 2022, back Across the Atlantic 2022 and Mediterranean cruising 2022, as well as similar events in 2023
The ARC January 2023 is fully booked, but please enquire about the following ARC.

We have also published the itinerary of our Mediterranean cruising 2022, including the SailGP in Cadiz

Please read our Blog including notes from our Atlantic crossing during Covid lockdown

We have a number of planned trips and events for 2022, as you can see below, and similar events coming for 2023. We also offer custom vacations to according to your preferences.
Please don’t hesitate to contact us on info@love4c.fi

2022 - Caribbean, Atlantic Ocean, Mediterranean
Tobago Cays, Bequia, Mustique...
Tobago Cays, Bequia, Mustique...
St Lucia – Grenadines – St Lucia
St Maarten – Horta, Azores
St Maarten – Horta, Azores
Atlantic crossing 8 – 28 May 2022
Horta, Azores – Faro, Portugal
Horta, Azores – Faro, Portugal
Azores to Portugal, 1 – 10 June 2022
Cruising the Mediterranean, August – October 2022
Cruising the Mediterranean, August – October 2022
Mediterranean, August – October 2022

ARC January 2023

Las Palmas, Gran Canaria to Rodney Bay, St Lucia
Race start January 12, 2023, estimated duration 16-19 days

We are a family company providing crewed yacht charter with a captain and a hostess on a modern performance cruiser – Another Brick, a First 44.7
The Yacht is designed by Bruce Farr, one of the worlds most famous yacht designers, and has been characterized as a refined thoroughbred.

Another Brick in Tobago Cays

Being a small company, flexibility is our middle name, focusing on things that are important to you. We would really like you to feel at home in our yacht. You can help us by telling about your expectations and wishes. It is often the little things that matter.
We also need to know about your food preferences, as we are normally providing provisioning and household services. Please join us for a thoroughly enjoyable and relaxing cruising experience.