Day 3, Martinique to Horta

Tue May 19 2020
20º 13.094 N 58º 01.006 W

Another beautiful day! 😎
After a night winds shifting both in speed and direction, today brought a steady breeze, 100° and 14-15 knots. Sunny and warm of course. The days are already getting longer and the sun is rising a little past five in the morning. On the minus side, the water is cooling down, it is already below 27°C 🙁
Now in the evening the wind has increased to 17 knots and the sea is choppy, so we put a third reef in to lessen the heeling and get a better night’s sleep. Even so, we are still making 7-8 knots.

We’ve now sailed almost 400NM and we have another 1877 to go to Horta. We hope that the wind will be easing during the night and that we’ll have less waves tomorrow.
All the best, and fair winds to you all!

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