Leeward Islands 2022

In the latter part of March and in the beginning of April, we’ll be exploring Martinique and Dominica. In the second half of April, we set our course north from Martinique and sail via Dominica and Guadeloupe to Antigua. We can promise you sun and warmth, wondeful warm water, unforgettable days, breathtaking sceneries, and Caribbean hospitality!


  • 22 March – 2 April: Martinique – Dominica – Martinique
  • 5 -16 April: Martinique – Dominica – Martinique
  • 19 – 30 April: Martinique – Antigua

Martinique is one of the most beautiful of the Caribbean islands, and being a part of France, it combines the friendliness of the Caribbean with french elegance. This is particularly notable in the capital, Fort-de-France, which we will visit on our way north.

Here you can also enjoy the best food in the Caribbean.


We will also visit Dominica, a more English part of the paradise and the greenest island in the Caribbean. There are beautiful beaches and coves

and if you venture into the rainforest, there are fantastic waterfalls, hot springs and deep gorges