Baltic cruising

Visit a unique archipelago

Experience the unique Finnish Archipelago Sea. More than 50 000 islands and islets spread between Finland and Åland alone, creating the most enchanting cruising grounds in the Baltic and indeed the world. Add to this the Stockholm archipelago on the Swedish side, and you can spend a lifetime exploring. We offer you this experience of Baltic cruising through our crewed yacht charter.

As Finland and Sweden are quite far north, the best time to go sailing is in the summer months. We therefore offer Baltic cruising charter from June through August only. The archipelago is most crowded in July, but as you can see below, there are plenty of harbours to choose from. It is also of course possible to anchor in any suitable sheltered cove.

Unique Baltic archipelago cruising


On the west edge of the Finnish Archipelago Sea, you find thew Åland Islands with Mariehamn, the capital of Åland.

Mariehamn West Harbour

Stockholm archipelago

Going west from Åland, you arrive at the Stockholm archipelago on the Swedish side. This is a quite deep, much more sheltered archiopelago than the Finnish one, and it also offers views of magnificent seaside mansions and fortresses.

Vaxholm castle

Cruising to Gotland, pearl of the Baltic

While in Sweden, don’t forget to extend your Baltic cruising south to the Island of Gotland.


Visit the beautiful city of Visby, not forgetting a drive to the countryside for a view of the famous Gotland Rauks.

A Gotland Rauk

While cruising in the Baltic, you can enjoy the long evenings, with the sun setting close to 12 PM during summer.

And a midnight sailing is an unforgettable experience.

We offer tailored Baltic cruising to suit your needs. We can also offer ready planned itineraries offering different packages with the best of the Archipelago.

Please use the form below for enquiries. There are standard options from evening cruises to weekly charters, but please use the comments field if you require something out of the ordinary. All charters include a professional skipper and most of the time also a hostess is included. We can also take care of provisioning, so you don’t have to waste valuable vacation time on that.

Half a day: 600€
Full day: 1100€
Two days: 1600€
Week: 4000€

Prices include:
Skipper, hostess, security equipment and tender.
Bedding and towels (except day charters)
Household chores

Not included:
Transport to/from yacht
Food and drinks onboard (food is included on day and half day charters)
Food, drinks and anything else ashore.

For daysails we take max 8 guests, overnight max 6, but if you want to be comfortable on longer journeys, 6 persons all in all is preferable, i.e. 2 crew, 4 guests.

The pickup and dropoff in July is close to the archipelago sea in Hanko – May, June and August in Espoo.
Popular destinations for two day/weekend charters from Espoo are Tallinn and Barösund. Please tell us about your plans and wishes by filling in the Comment field.

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