About us

We are a couple from Finland, Marit and Markus Renlund, who have left our day jobs for a full time sailing charter occupation on Another Brick, our First 44.7 sailing yacht. As the name suggest, we do like rock music, one of the favourites being Pink Floyd.

Marit has a background as a nurse, so she is able to handle most medical emergencies the may arise. Markus, on the other hand is an electrical and computer engineer and otherwise extensively practical DIY, so he should be able to cope with all other challanges on board.

Our home is the sea, and having grown up sailing in the Finnish archipelago, we are extremely capable of handling any kind of tricky costal navigation, as these are our home waters.

Please join us sailing, e.g.
over the Atlantic or in the Caribbean
Caribbean cruising
along the coasts of Europe´╗┐ ARC 2019
…or this summer,
cruising the Finnish Archipelago Sea´╗┐
Cruising in the Baltic