Atlantic crossing west to east 2024
April - May 2024

About Atlantic crossing west to east

We’ll start from Martinique on April 25th, setting course for the Azores. We’ll spend a few days exploring the islands, and then we’ll continue to Cherbourg.

When leaving Fort-de France, we have the option to sail either the traditional route, going north to round the Azores high pressure, or the alternative route going first east and later crossing the Azores high. We estimate the trip to the Azores to take almost three weeks. We’ll spend around a week on the Azores, visiting some of the islands. Then around May 20th, we set sails towards Lagos, Portugal, and we expect the trip to take around a week.

You are invited to join us as crew members, either for the full trip or parts thereof, taking responsibility for watchkeeping and assisting with sailing the yacht.

NB The dates and even the destinations are plans and subject to change due to weather and other unforseen events.

Meals before and after the crossing, as well as on the Azores, are not included.

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April 25thMartinique – Azores
Around May 14thArrival in Horta, Faial Island, Azores
May 20thStart towards Lagos
Around May 28thArrival in Lagos
Pricing for Atlantic crossing west to east 2024

Martinique – Azores


(2300nm, around 20d)

Azores – Portugal


(900nm, around 8d)

Martinique – Azores – France


(3200nm, around 28d + 5 days on the Azores)

Pricing listed as per person.

Price for the crossings include:

  • Professional skipper and hostess
  • All boat costs, incl fuel and marina fees
  • All provisioning, food and soft drinks, for the crossing
  • Safety equipment, bedding, towels etc.
  • Yacht insurance
  • Satellite calls and basic email
  • Unforgettable days

Not included:

  • Airtickets and taxi
  • Hotel nights
  • Lunch, dinner etc ashore
    (before/after the crossing and on the Azores)
  • Other personal insurance