From Finland to the Canary Islands

The Yacht will be heading south from Finland towards the Canary Islands in the autumn of 2019. We will be leaving from Espoo, Finland on Tueasday, August 27.

The trip can be roughly divided into 6 legs, which you are able to join separately. The time mentioned is approximate. In some cases we are making stopps on the way, in other we are going straight.

  • Leg 1: Finland to Rendsburg (inside the Kiel canal), 7 days
  • Leg 2: Rendsburg to Plymouth, 8 days
  • Leg 3: Cowes to Bayona, 7 days
  • Leg 4: Bayona to Lisboa, 4 days
  • Leg 5: Lisboa to Funchal (Madeira), 4 days
  • Leg 6: Funchal to Las Palmas (Gran Canaria), 2 days

For these legs we invite a maximum of four guests for each leg, but you don’t need to limit yourself to one leg, you can stay for as many as you like. We will be planning for a few layover days between each leg to get some rest and cater for unexpected delays. So you can expect the whole trip from  Finland to the Canary Islands to take around 6 weeks. The plan is to arrive in Las Palmas in mid October.

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