Crossing the Atlantic

We will be crossing the Atlantic back to Europe in May 2020.

We’ll start from Antigua on May 1st, setting course for the Azores. We’ll spend a few days exploring the islands, and then we’ll continue for Europe, either to Falmouth, UK, or to Portugal.

You are invited to join us as crew members, either for the full trip or parts thereof, taking responsibility for watchkeeping and assisting with sailing the yacht.

Key dates:

  • Start from Antigua towards the Azores. May 1
  • Arrive in Horta, Faial island, Azores. Around May 16
  • Start towards UK or Portugal. May 22
  • Arrive in UK (May 29) or Portugal (May 27)


  • Antigua – Azores (2300nm, around 15d) 2500 Eur
  • Cruising around the Azores, 5d, 500 Eur + expenses
  • Azores to UK (1250nm) or Portugal (950nm), 1000 Eur
  • All the way, less than a month, 3500 Eur

Price for the crossings include:
– Professional skipper and hostess
– All boat costs
– All provisioning, food and soft drinks, for the crossing
– Safety equipment, bedding, towels etc.
– Yacht insurance
– Satellite calls and basic email
– Unforgettable days

Not included
– Airtickets and taxi
– Hotel nights
– Lunch, dinner etc before and after the crossing
– Other personal insurance

The Azores cruising include skipper, hostess and safety equipment.
In addition to the fee, the crew will share costs for food, drink, fuel and harbour fees.

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