Day 1 – Atlantic West to East
May 16 2020

This morning at 0620 we left St Pierre and waved goodbye to Martinique. We motored up to the northest point of Martinique, where we set sails. The breeze was variable both in speed and direction, influenced by the high Mount Pelee volcano. We held a high course, concerned not to get too close to Dominica, should the Dominican Coastguard be in a bad mood today. When the breeze settled, it was initially from a comfortable 140°, but soon veering to not quite as comfortable 110°. We were sailing with our jib and two reefs in the main, occasionally heeling a bit too much, but making good speed, 8+ kn. The waves were growing and we soon had the cockpit thoroughly rinsed.

So far today, we’ve made 70NM in a little less than 10 hours. It has been a warm, windy and sunny day, except for a few drops of rain in the morning. Not a bad start of our Atlantic crossing!

15º 35.371 N 60º 45.361 W
Wind 110° 16-20kn
COG 30°
SOG 7.8