Day 4 – Atlantic West to East
May 20 2020

We had some problems with the Hebridean wind vane last night. Not the wind vane as such, mind you, but the drum bolted to the steering wheel where the control lines are attached. A line got jammed between the steering wheel and the drum and one of the bolts snapped. Fortunately we had a 6mm threaded rod that could be used to replace the broken bolt, but we still had to unbolt and remove the steering wheel, in order to remove the stub of the broken bolt. A little tricky while sailing. Anyway, now the wind vane works like a dream again.

We are approaching the high pressure ridge, and the wind has dropped to around ten knots, but we are still making good progress, around six knots towards the Azores. We’ve chosen to go straight towards Horta, approximately on the great circle course. Currently it seems like a good choice, as the high pressure area is forecasted to move north in about a week, so it would be a very long way to go around it. It looks as if it’s going to be more or less upwind legs all the way to Horta.

Hugs and kisses to you all!

22º 28.009 N 56º 26.435 W
COG 55°
SOG 6kn
WIND 115° 9-12kn
1714 NM to Horta