Lagos to Las Palmas 2024
October 2024

Lagos, Portugal via Madeira and the Canary Islands to Las Palmas

This is a trip from the southern of Portugal, the Algarve coast, down to the Canary Islands. We will make some stops on the way with time for a little sightseeing as well.

We will start in Lagos on the Algarve coast of Portugal. Weather permitting, we’ll first head towards Madeira, maybe with a short stop in Porto Santo. After a day or two in Madeira, sightseeing Funchal and parts of the island, we’ll continue towards the Canary Islands. We’ll probably make a stop at least in Lanzarote, before continuing towards Gran Canaria and Las Palmas.

The trip takes approximately 8 days with probable stops in Funchal, Madeira and Arrecife, Lanzarote along the way.

You are invited to join us as crew members, taking responsibility for watchkeeping and assisting with sailing the yacht.

October 2024Lagos – Las Palmas
Pricing for Lagos to Las Palmas 2024


Pricing listed as per person.

Prices include:

  • Professional skipper and hostess
  • All boat costs, incl fuel and marina fees
  • All provisioning, food and soft drinks on board
  • Safety equipment, bedding, towels etc.
  • Yacht insurance
  • Unforgettable days

Not included:

  • Airtickets and taxi
  • Hotel nights
  • Lunch, dinner etc ashore
  • Other personal insurance